Quality Guarantee

Commitments for Products Quality and Sales Services

Quality Assurances

1. Products conform to the national standards strictly, as well as the related international electrical standards.

2. We claim: quality standards practice the Three Guarantees in the provided period of quality assurances.

3. We undertake the economic loss in the accidents caused by the quality problem itself.

4. We execute the contacts strictly, guaranteeing the products quality and quantity, and all the terms we two have negotiated together are agreeable to have the same legal validity.

Sales Services Commitments

1. We guarantee the products with bran-new,advanced and reliable technology .

2. We will seed qualified technicians for your technique service as your requirements. The technicians will be responsible for the guidance, installation, trial running of products, as well as the problems during this process. We will resend other technicians if you think our service is not refined enough. Our response will arrive in 12 hours after receiving your information, and the technician will reach destination in 36 hours. 

3. Concerning the technique services, we will take fully consideration of your requirements, and meet your need as possible as we can after our negotiation. Fax in written will reach you after considering your amendments according to the situation in site.  

4. After the expiration of contract, we provide repairs and maintenances services as the most competitive price, and the improved technique materials related to the products for free.

5. We are responsible for the transportation and insurance, and all the risks of products quality and safety during the transportation.

6. Your supervisions are welcomed for the producing and outgoing QC, and the most conveniences we will provide for both your work and life during this process.

7. We will solve the problems which appear in the trail running as soon as possible. In the course of execution of contract, we will pay for the inspection, test, retest, repairs, and exchange of the products in our responsibility.  

8. In the course of execution of contract, we will be responsible for the loss caused by the project rework and product scrap due to the defect of products and the mistakes of our technique materials.

9. After winning the bid, we will do what we have promised in this document.